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Our weekend in Lessons and Highlights:

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What a weekend!  There really was nothing spectacular about the weekend, however, for some reason it was incredibly special to me.  Here are some of the lessons, highlights and one low-light:

Ohana Means Family


Highlight 1 (Friday afternoon)

Lying on the bed (kids, husband and all) is a nice way to start the weekend.  Watching silly YouTube videos is fun and much needed for comic relief after a long week.

Lesson 1 (Friday Night)

Going to a particular fast food outlets for onion rings is overrated.  They are always sold out by the time we get there and the disappointment in unbearable.  Find a recipe and attempt it yourself or settle for the not so wow onion rings at alternative (but always available) outlet.

Lesson 2 (Saturday Morning)

Going for jogs are good.  Not for the exercise or the exhilarating feeling after a not so long jog.  But because you will find awesome things next to the side of the road.  In my case it was a plant with branches full of seeds and funny mini-plants.  I’ve had too google quite extensively, walk around gardening shops and google some more.

Madness!  Who is this crazy person and where is Alet?

Anyway, the plant is called an Agave and the flower stalks were covered in seeds and bulbils.

Highlight 2 (Saturday, pretty much the whole morning and afternoon)

Working / homework-ing / blog reading is best done on our stoep.  Getting Logan to run around the house 3 time in between homework assignments is the perfect break for him and the dogs love it!   Oliver is an outside child.  He would living outside, the dog kennel would be his bedroom.

Highlight 3 (Any time, all the time?)

Coffee made by my seven year old tastes divine and he should keep them coming.  Even Oumas appreciate them.

Lesson 3 (Sunday lunch)

Do not give Kobus spicy food.  Do not swop lunch with husband, because you were in the mood for a curry and didn’t think of asking how spicy it is.  Poor husband ended up enjoying my curry.  And suffering with terrible consequences later the afternoon.

We have been very lucky with K’s health since February when he was hospitalised, the weekend was an eye opener and a reminder to not test the limits when it comes to spicy food.

Highlight 4 (late afternoon Sunday)

Sitting on our veranda as a family on a Sunday afternoon dissecting and collecting the seeds and bulbils from my newly collect Agave cuttings is awesome.  *

Oliver helping Daddy is the garden melts my heart.

Low-light 1 (Sunday evening)

Leaving K alone for 2 hours and coming home to the smell of freshly baked biscuits sounds like a highlight, doesn’t it.  It would be if the biscuits were for human consumption.  Instead they were  F O R – T H E – D O G S !!   He found it incredibly funny.

Lesson 4 (middle of the night/ early morning Monday)

Well lesson in the sense of learning from K’s mistakes.  Do not step on dog’s tail in the middle of the night.  Dog sleeps at night.  Dog has teeth.  Dog will bite.  Even when dog doesn’t mean to.  K is okay or he will be.  Luckily there was no blood, just scary teeth marks.

What have you learnt the weekend?


* I might have 1 green finger.  Time will tell.  However all of that in a post of it’s own 


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Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

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