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Letter to Oliver: Pulling Faces

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Dear Oliver,

Tomorrow you will be two.  I tried to sit you down and talk to you about the importance of this milestone and how much it means to me.  Maybe I went a bit far when I tried to tell you what your dad and I was doing two years ago tonight.

The fact that you started pulling faces and giggling was most definitely true to your character…

Mom and Oliver Pulling Faces 1




– We have been practicing ‘Happy Birthday’ for months, in fact since the week leading up to my birthday.

– You know what to do after the singing has been completed.  You patiently wait for the hip-hip and the hooray’s to finish and then you attempt to blow the candles.  Thus far we have had loads of success blowing out the candle, with the exception of this morning.  Ouma Joyce came for a visit and a mini party.  Once you were presented with the real deal, the sight of cake, caramel and astros may have had you literally breathless.

– Your excitement is genuine!  It is magical, truly the drugs us moms crave – keep up the good work.

–  Your whining and moaning is a problem.  We should definitely work on minimizing or totally eliminating it.  You are driving your dad and I insane.  Furthermore, you started your terrible two tantrums way too early.   I would like to request for these to end, as a matter of urgency, as soon as possible.  As much as jumping up and down is fun, it gets a bit much when you are doing it in a troller in the shops while screaming at the top of your lungs.  You are a giant child and as such, I would recommend that we look at alternative ways to deal with the stress and tension of your second year of existence.

If my requests are declines, I totally understand!  I was two once and I am told I was a real cheeky little lady.  I suppose it is pay-back time.

As long as you stay as awesome as you are, whining and all, I am the happiest mom alive.

Love always,



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