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Some times we forget how fortunate we are

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I read an article about a twitter user who created a campaign called ‘Middle Class Problems’.  Benjamin Lee, the creator of the account links what he calls real problems but not real actual problems, just middle class ones, with images of people with real problems.


Middle Class Problems




Middle Class Problems

Middle Class Problems, by Benjamin Lee

Middle Class Problems


My first reaction was, people can be so ungrateful, naturally excluding myself from the statement.   A full moment later I felt embarrassed at my thoughts.  I am one of those people.  Just the other day, I went into a complete state of self-pity, when I thought of where I am in life.  I felt deflated and depressed because I haven’t achieved x, y and z.  It literally affected my mood for the whole afternoon.  After mentioning it to K, he got irritated with me.  At the time I thought he was being inconsiderate of my feelings.  Looking back now.  I am pretty glad he was.  Not only did it highlight the moment for me, he is right.  I was being a selfish and ungrateful idiot.

I am grateful for a husband who loved me enough to highlights things for me instead of tip-toeing around my feelings.  I am grateful for temper tantrums and cuddles.  I am grateful for my boys, the mini-men in my life.  I am grateful for our health, for teachers who care about my kids’ education.  I am grateful for a beautiful home that houses my family and keeps us warm and safe.  I am grateful for my support group, my family, friends and colleagues who care about us.  I am grateful for a job that allows me to take care of my kids, fill our tummies and at the same time satisfy me.  I am grateful that I have the ability and resources to study.


What are you grateful for today?


Image Source: My Modern Met

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One thought on “Some times we forget how fortunate we are

  1. What a great piece, so very true and don’t beat yourself up Alet, we are all guilty of this! I know I was in a morose mood for a week about losing Loveness and getting a new nanny! I know right???? I have a nanny, I can afford a nanny, what on earth am I being so depro about??!!!

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