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Birthdays are quite simply magical


I celebrated my 28th birthday over the weekend.  Kobus and the kids made my day extremely special.  It started long before the actual day, with Oliver singing happy birthday at every chance he gets.  The fact that he has learned how to say Alet means we both squeal in delight every time he says it.

Logan came home on Friday with a cupcake he bought at the cake and candy sale at school.  Instead of enjoying it himself he decided he would save it me.  Of course between him and Oliver I pretty much had one very special bite.

Cupcake for mom


Kobus fetched WD on Saturday morning.  WD had phoned and asked whether he could spend the weekend with us, because of my birthday.  I had a relaxing bath while K and the boys fetch WD and afterwards my mom came over for coffee and cake.

The afternoon we went to a Pitbull show.  I have a kind of love-hate relationship with out Pits.  Roxy is an angel.  She might look/find a shoe to chew on every now and then – but she doesn’t really do any harm to the shoe.  Maybe it is just a girl thing?  Bruno is a manic dog – stubborn, with a mind of his own.  (Man thing?)  Luckily we’ve been given some awesome tips and they seem to be working!  Furthermore, we found out about some obedience classes for the pups, right here in our area and the classes are based on our breed and not dogs in general.

Saturday evening K and I went out for supper and a stroll.  We tried an Indian restaurant called Tranna.  We aren’t generally big on Indian food, but loads of friends have recommended the place and the weather was perfect for a nice warm curry!  We were not disappointed at all!  Both K and I opted for mild curry and it was seriously mild – next time I will try a medium curry for sure.



Sunday morning we met up with friends for breakfast.  The kids enjoyed themselves while we enjoyed adult conversation (and some awesome prezzies).

I felt a little sad by Sunday afternoon.  I felt like I was suck in a rut.  Maybe the milestone just put a little damper on my spirit – making me feel inadequate.  Silly really…  I guess that is life.  Even though we swim as hard as we can, if the tide is against you/ it is not your time.  It is not your time.  A very grown up thought.

I am rambling, let me stop.

Bottom line, my birthday was magical.  I surrounded myself with the people I love most and I enjoyed every moment.  Even the uncomfortable psycho babble I should have ignored!


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

4 thoughts on “Birthdays are quite simply magical

  1. Your birthday sounds divine!
    Wish I’d known about the Pitbull show, I am a HUGE fan of these dogs having grown up with a few of them!

  2. I find that birthdays make me do the same thing. I feel spoiled and love all the effort that the hubs and everyone puts in, but somehow self reflection is never kind at this time of the year.

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