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WIFI and the very many assignments I need to submit

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Utter madness.  I have 4 assignments that need to be submitted in the next week and a half.  1 Assignment that had to be (and luckily was) submitted by 10pm this evening.  However when I got home this afternoon to the news that our WIFI was not working, it became priority.

We had the ADSL lined installed in the middle of July and yet, it has become so central to our lifestyle that it is a frustration to go without.  The only thing that comes close to describing how it felt is the feeling you get when the electricity goes out – you know you can manage without it, but you dread every moment of it.

Luckily a 20 minute conversation with a Telkom technician, followed by a little chat with my brother and I managed to figure it our all by myself!

What is the one thing you dread living without?

****  In other news, I can tick my first item off my 30 before thirty list.   However this will be reserved for a full feature post ****

Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

One thought on “WIFI and the very many assignments I need to submit

  1. Definitely the internet. And my phone. Also, electricity and food.

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