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Cot to Bed: The lessons I have learnt through Oliver’s transition from cot to big bed


The pitter patter of little feet down the hall.  A constant grin.   The sense of accomplishment.


Moving Oliver over from his cot to a big boy bed was a big decision.

Our biggest fears were:

  1. That our bedtime routine would become a nightmare because there would be no “barriers” keeping him inside his bed.
  2. And that we would constantly have an almost two year old next to our bed in the middle of the night.

We finally decided to get rid of the cot purely because moving the cot from the old house to the new seemed like a silly thing to do considering our almost two year old son.  We decided to use a top-bunk bed for Oli’s first bed as it has the additional safety rail that keeps a person from rolling off the bed…

Month one with Oliver in his big boy bed was awesome, peaceful even.  Mister perceived the safety rail as a barrier keeping him in his bed.  There was no real change in our routine.  Oliver would call us during the night / in the morning as if he was still in his cot.  He would wait for us to pick him up and take him out of his bed..   For all intensive purposes he could have been sleeping in his cot.

Month two has been less fun – Oliver has learnt that isn’t all that difficult to climb over the  safety rail.  Our evenings are now filled with little feet walking down the hall.  A smile from ear to ear and pride that shines brighter than the moon.

The transitions has opened up a couple of windows of reality for me:

  • The most obvious is the fact that my baby is growing up, soon everything that makes him “baby” will fade away to make room for “boy”
  • Perception is incredible.  And it is important for me to make sure what I perceive
  • Not giving Oliver his own way when it comes to bedtime routine/ wake up’s in the middle of the night – reminds me that we have loads of responsibility as parents.  Discipline and consistency is crucial.
  • I relish in the pleasure Oliver feels when he accomplishes something.  It is so special and it is something I desire for all 3 my kids.  It motivates me to do anything and everything I can to give them a head start for a successful and joyful life.


What lessons have you learnt from the phases your kids are going through?  And do you have any practical advice when it comes to changing from cot to big bed?


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

4 thoughts on “Cot to Bed: The lessons I have learnt through Oliver’s transition from cot to big bed

  1. Man, sometimes I wish that the girls were still in a cot. Although I don’t mind them coming into our bed early in the morning, saves me getting up and getting cold going to get them :)

  2. We’ll soon move Kade to a big bed and I am dreading it! I need tips as well so if anyone shares anything good please share with me as well ;)

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