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Logan Grade 1 Term 2

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We have survive the second term of grade 1.  I am very proud of Logan, we worked incredibly hard last term and  he has made great progress.   I have been working rather closely with Logan teacher.  She has given me invaluable tips and showed me the best ways to help Logan.  

It is quite a relief to see the results black on white, especially after the first term’s report.

Logan at his school wearing 100 lollipops for his 100th day of school.

Logan at his school wearing 100 lollipops for his 100th day of school.

On Wednesday I went to the school to sit with Miss V.  We went through all of Logan’s term marks and looked through his work books.  I could see where he lacked concentration, where he battled with a concept and I could agree with certain things I had experienced when we do homework.

The good news is there is improvement.  He is catching up and grasping concepts he battled with in the beginning.  The Biostrath and Eye Q supplements that Logan starting drinking mid term are helping.  Miss V can see an improvement.  I could see an immediate improvement with the Eye Q supplement.  He level of interaction and quality of communication show major improved.

I get the feeling she would still prefer Logan to use a non-herbal supplement and go straight to a big boy like Ritalin.  But I know in my heart that if this works optimally, I choose this over any ADHD meds for sure.  

I love that Logan is sitting next to me, asking me for sums.  Or writing sentences by himself.  

He is eager to learn,  most of the time anyway.


How was term two for your little ones?


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

One thought on “Logan Grade 1 Term 2

  1. Great for 2 /3. WE are now looking at straight ADHD stuff for L in September but he is possibly a worse case than L.

    He did so well – great going to you both

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