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Logan’s Speech Festival

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We received a note from the school advising us of the Speech Festival a couple of month ago.  It wouldn’t have been something I’d have been interested in when I was at school – but then I have always been shy when it comes to speaking in front of people.

Logan is very different – he is a naturally talented speaker – he oozes self-confidence when it comes to speaking to and in front of people.  And with the  recent difficulties we have had at school, I knew it was important to give his self-confidence that boost again.

We practice the poem a lot.  By the weekend I was a bit concerned that we had chosen something a bit too difficult for him.  But after showing him the words he already knows (and sings to).  It all just snapped and made sense to him.


The Song of the Jellicles by TS ElliotJellicle Cats come out to-night
Jellicle Cats come one come all:
The Jellicle Moon is shining bright –
Jellicles come to the Jellicle Ball.

Jellicle Cats are black and white,
Jellicle Cats are rather small;
Jellicle Cats are merry and bright,
And pleasant to hear when they caterwaul.


Yesterday between 15h45 and 17h00 was his moment of glory.  I have to admit I was ever so slightly irritated when I heard I had missed his “performance” at 16h05 yesterday afternoon.  Luckily my irritation subsided the moment I heard how well he had done:

Screen shot 2013-05-09 at 5.14.36 AM


I am such a proud Momma!  And I cannot wait to take Logan to the theatre to watch Cats the Musical.  It feels like we’ve been planning this trip to the theatre for ages now.  We love Cats.  (Logan and I.  K not so much)


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One thought on “Logan’s Speech Festival

  1. Well done! A also did the same speech festival last year (although in an Afrikaans schhol) – wonder why the school missed it this year?

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