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Busy weekends make me happy

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Having K home on a Saturday morning is awesome. Because he *work(ed)s* in the retail, he generally works weekends all the time – Saturday was a public holiday, not a normal weekend and thus he was home.

An early start on Saturday morning involved freshly baked pancakes, cool morning air and a stroll through the farmers market. The farmers market is awesome! Traditionally you will find all kinds of things, from freshly cut flowers, second-hand books stalls, all sorts of vegetables, fruit and meat. Assorted baked goods including a variety of rusks and biscuits and any kind of knick knacks that you can think off. It really is a feast for the eye as well as the hip J. The atmosphere is “gesellig”.


{Oliver eating pancake}

{The boys drinking their hot chocolate}

While I stood in the coffee queue, I listened to two different South Africans explain to their foreign guests what “melkkos” is.  It was pretty magical listening to our culture being translated.  Too often we take what we know for granted!

{freshly cut Proteas}

{animal beanies – awesome}

After the market we had a quick visit with my mom and brother. The rest of the afternoon was at home (for Oliver and I) and with the goat (for K and the big boys).

Sunday afternoon I met up with Tracey at Irene Dairy Farm. Both restaurants were packed making it very hard to find a table.  We had a pre-lunch picnic while watching the kids chase after chickens, play on the tractor.  And in Oliver’s case stealing a little Indian boy’s black bike.  After lunch we had the traditional stroll past the calves.

{cows and kids}

{watching cows}

{Brotherly love}

This is what weekends are meant to be like – catching up with friends.  Being out and about in the outdoors – getting inspired by nature!

How was your weekend?

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Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

One thought on “Busy weekends make me happy

  1. We had a wonderful one – yours sound great though. An I think K might have helped me in a shop – is that possible?

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