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Oliver Mackenzie 1 Year Old

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Time sure does fly, a year ago I was looking into this face:

Oli 2011-09-22

Blissfully unaware of what the weeks to follow would hold.  A year ago today my sweet baby was admitted to Neo Natal ICU.  My world was rocked, I was shattered.

Here I am a year later with so much gratitude, we have come so far!

Oliver is a happy and healthy boy!  He loves his brothers and adores his dad.  He makes me laugh on a daily basis!  What a pleasurable little boy.

Happy birthday littlest OliMac, here is to many more!

22 Sep 2012 - one year old

cot 1yr SAM_0164

On Friday we celebrated at school with the school friends.  There was a second party on the day, have a look at Oliver trying to sneak a bite of the friend’s birthday cake.

Celebrating at school



SAM_0138school 1yr 1 school 1yr

On the day we celebrated with my mom and brother at Spur and ended it off at the Waterkloof Airshow

Party hat

airshow 1yr SAM_0217 SPur 1yr

Next week we will have the formal party and celebrate in typical Mickey style…

***  Added more photos on the 27th of September 2013 ***


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