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New Mommy Hairstyle Habits..


You frequently notice mommy’s change their hairstyles soon after having a baby.  I never gave much thought to it, until now..

Is it because your body, family and life has gone through some many changes that it needs manifestation in your appearance (as it all the stretch-marks/ muffin tops aren’t evidence enough)?

Is it because you need a quick and low maintenance cut for those mornings after a hellish night of interrupted sleep?

Has priorities changed?  Is money and time being spent with and on baby instead of the previous strict beauty regeme?

Or is it simply because you need something that gives you that mommy-look?

Just before going back to work (in January) I stopped at my local hairdresser for a much needed trip.  She made me promise to come for a trip every-three-months.  It is end of May and I haven’t been back to see her.  Furthermore, with the weather cooling dramatically I see myself increasingly putting my hair up in a bun.  Easy and convenient.    And then Bestie (who had a baby not so long ago) bbmed to say she is thinking of having cut, something completely different to what she normally does.

Naturally the guilt, along with the desperation to do something with the grasslike things, I started pondering.  And then I did what every normal person would do…  typed in “curly hair cuts” in my Pinterest search box!


I like the messiness of this one.  Care free and very manageable.

Source: via Alet on Pinterest


This one I probably like mainly because of the glasses and the expression on the girl’s face,  But also because the cut is different!  I like the long bits in the front


This one is the realistic one.  The girl next door, with the bangs.  I want to try the bang.  I know that will mean more “work” in the mornings.  But I want to try the bangs!

What are your thoughts?  Did you change your hairstyle post baby?  What were your reasons for it?


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

2 thoughts on “New Mommy Hairstyle Habits..

  1. I haven’t changed my hair post-baby but that’s mainly because I’ve never had a baby :D But seriously, I was playing with the thought of getting a new hairstyle to go with the new job

  2. I like the second cut. I cut my long hair off in December and I must admit I have really enjoyed my short hair, it is so funky and just fabulous – although long is much more manageable.

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