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What is in a name …


It is no secret that I regret registering Logan with his biological father’s surname.  It is also no secret how happy I was when I  was able to change his surname to Swart!

The next step is changing Logan’s first name, or at least half of it.  Logan’s full first name is Richard Logan, the Richard part is after his dad, upon his request.  I stopped calling Logan by his first name a long time ago.  Logan is nothing like his dad, so calling him Richard Logan feels wrong.

The first option was to simply remove the Richard part.  This would probably be the most sensible thing to do, however the meaning of the name Logan, on it’s own is a bit bland:

Logan - Origin and Meaning @ Baby Names Pedia
Logan – Origin and Meaning

The meaning of the name Richard is full of character.  The meaning powerful ruler is kind of something you would like to proclaim over your kid.  However I haven’t been able to, because I haven’t been able to call his by the name his biological father goes by.  Plain and simple.

Richard - Origin and Meaning @ Baby Names Pedia
Richard – Origin and Meaning

Together with Logan, we have considered other names, some of which absolutely beautiful!  One name I did consider very strongly was Kobus’ second name Nicolaas.  The name means “victory of the people”.  Other names Logan considered included Jayden, Ben Tennyson and the latests in the long list – Avatar, as in just Avatar!

In last week, I name I have always liked caught my attention, Dixon.  A part of me always steered clear of the name due to the first part of the name.  However whether your name is Richard or Dixon, a sure shortened version will always be Dick.  This gave me reason to look closely at the meaning of Dixon:

Dixon - Origin and Meaning of the name @ Baby Names Pedia
Dixon – Origin and Meaning of the name

What I really like about Dixon is the reference to Richard.  The meaning of the name is simply beautiful, similar to what his name has always been, however – so much more!  Bless.  Peaceful Ruler.  Now that is something I am proud to call my son.

Now just to find a moment to make my way down to home affairs to get the ball going


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

2 thoughts on “What is in a name …

  1. I like how you keep a bit of the original name – a smidgen of it. Does Logan like it? And then, why not make Logan his first name – so much more practical if that is what he ismcalled anyways

    • Logan loves it, his name has gone from “Just Avatar” to Logan Dixon Avatar Swart in a matter of moments. And I agree Logan Dixon is better than Dixon Logan :)

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