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Diplomatic School, Brazilian Blow Waves and $1000…


What an awesome little meme compliments of Laura Kim!

If you had $1000 (R7 500) to do with as you wanted, what would you buy?

Because it is too little to go on an island holiday with K, I would add some money and buy new lounge suite.  Oversized 3 seater couch in a caramel brown.  An ottoman to go with it and some throws and cushions.

Are you brave about changing your look (hairstyle, clothes, etc)? Why or why not?

I love trying new things,  I day dream and drool over some hairstyles.  But with the curly hair new hairstyles are a bit tricky!  Would love to try a Brazilian Blow Wave, however that would mean I would need to cut my hair quite a bit shorter to avoid it looking overly thin and mousy.  *Please with very fine and thin hair get this ;)*

When you met your husband/ wife, did you know that this was The One?

I knew K was the one before we even met I just knew.  And still I went home from our first date hoping and egging him on to contact me.  He was a perfect gentleman, he sent me a message before I even got home and thanked me for a lovely evening.  The rest was history!

Does the thought of a blogging conference freak you out or excite you, and why?

Definitely excites me.  We have some many awesome bloggers, it is a must!

If you could live in another country for 3 months, which one would you choose?

It would be awesome to live in *almost* any other country for 3 months or longer.  As long as I have my family with me and we have enough free time to travel and explore the country in between!  I am available for Diplomatic School in fact I have my enroll form completed and ready for submission!

Note:  Not too excited over places like Iraq or Iceland.  But anywhere else would do!


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

4 thoughts on “Diplomatic School, Brazilian Blow Waves and $1000…

  1. Ysland is awesome, KYK net hoe mooi
    Hoop dit gaan goed met julle 5!

  2. You have won two tickets to the Homemakers Expo.

    Please send me your daytime address so I can send your the tickets.

    gillian @ homemakers – sa .co. za

  3. Oh I would love to see Iceland. And my hairdresser told me that with curly hair a Brazilian is not the best idea – it will take away the frizz but you will not have perfectly straight hair unless you are prepared to blow wave every day

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