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If he can wait that long…

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I really was meaning to do some more blogging this week and look, it is Thursday and I have only posted once.  So disappointing :(

It has been a hectic week I must admit.  It all started on Friday afternoon after I had my blood pressure tested and the nurse at the local chemist freaked out and sent me to hospital.  Of course that had everyone including myself in a bit of a panic.  All I had in sight was the expectation of my very long wait to finally be over and the hope to meet the littlest of them all!

The doctor (the doctor standing in for my doctor and the one who refused me natural birth right from the beginning) had other plans in mind:

  1. Torture me by simply keeping me overnight
  2. Sending me home with the bump in tact
  3. Giving me blood-pressure meds that seem to make me sleep all the time and bring out the worst in me emotionally  (I blame the meds)
On Tuesday I had my weekly appointment with my gynea and of course he was very pro c-section.  His reasoning makes sense and we wouldn’t want to place extra stress on Oli during natural birth.  Luckily for everyone around me and because of my night in hospital I had prepared myself for this.  Both K and I was ready for theatre and even suggested Tuesday evening as the perfect time for delivery.
Unfortunately the doc saw only our sense of humour in this and has booked my c-section date for 22 September.
This means that in 7 sleeps from now, I will meet the littlest one of them all!  That is if he can wait that long – with this one, there has only been twists, so I won’t be holding my breath!

Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

One thought on “If he can wait that long…

  1. All the very best for the 22nd or Oli’s arrival! Whichever comes first! :-)

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