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Labour your way…


20 weeks

I haven’t said much in the last couple of weeks pertaining to our Gynecologist.  In fact the last time I mentioned him was roughly 10 weeks ago when I introduced the matter of him refusing me the option of natural birth.

At our 17/18 week check up, K mentioned the fact that I wasn’t happy with my limited options regarding our baby’s birth.  We hoped that he would come to some kind of agreement where he would allow me to try natural birth and or that he would refer us to an alternative doctor, who he would recommend.

Instead we got a temper tantrum that puts my 5 year old *during any stage of his childhood development up until now* to shame.  Frankly I cannot remember much of the 45 minute lecture, only that it went back and forth, weighing all kinds of different scenarios of what can/ may and will happen if we chose either option.

All it managed to do was piss me off and confuse the living sh*t out of Kobus.  Not very nice!

I can remember after all that how K and I needed to reassure each other, that we will do whatever is best for the baby, within my capabilities.  With the best medical guidance we can find.  With that we made an appointment at another gynae.

A couple of interesting facts about the new gynae, before I go on:

  1. My medical aid recommended him (bonus)
  2. K already knows him in his line of work, although he mainly deals with the gynae’s wife.
  3. My gynae and the new gynae are back up’s for each other when the other person is sick/ on leave.

We had the appointment with the new gynae on Tuesday.  In retrospect I think K and I, should have walked in there saying:  “We are not happy with our current doctor.  We are in the market for a new doctor.  And we hope the new doctor will be you.”  Instead we were trying to say that in a nice way, which confused him as to whether we wanted a second opinion or not.

The one thing that was lovely about him, was when we got past all the general and past medical questions, was that he was completely open to the probability of natural birth.  He said, we will have our big scan on 24 weeks and another on 28 weeks and there we will decide!  This was awesome!  We get to decide.  No lecture, no tantrum.  Just a plain and simple we will see…

After this we saw the little one in what I would call a way too short scan session.  We saw the little one.  Healthy, feisty and kicking.  We tried to see the genitals and the lack of wobbly bits makes the doctor think this is a girl.  He gave us a 90% chance of a girl.

I am sick of waiting.  I cannot wait any longer and so I will go out and buy as many pink outfits as I can. (and keep the tags and slips!)

****  Am I the only one who thinks 90% isn’t 100%?  Am I the only one freaking out at the thought of having to wait 4 more weeks to find out?  ***

P.S.  I have started a Baby Bump page..  follow the link to see more pictures :)


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

3 thoughts on “Labour your way…

  1. I would have been very ticked off if my doctor didn’t give me the option of birthing MY way. Nee sjoe. It’s your baby. Your birth. Not his! I’m glad you changed to a different doctor.

  2. WOW 20 weeks already!!

    I must say even though I am a firm c-section chick neither of my gynaes ever pushed for it – in fact my current gynae actually suggested natural – to which I gave a resounding NO :-p

    Girls are harder to confirm than boys – so I wouldnt stress too much about that.

    Are you doing a 4D scan? You should be able to confirm it then!

  3. I really would go with the new doc – I actually think gyneas would rather do c sections because it is more convenient for them.

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