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Seven posts a week?


The past couple of years I have been very committed to blogging.  I have made it my mission in life to post a post every-single-day.  Or as close as I could manage.  These days, I battle. 

There is a lot going on at the moment.  There is a lot I could be writing about.  In the past I would be living an experience and while living it, I would be thinking of how this could translate to a good blog post.  This is no longer the case.  Maybe my mind it focussing on too many things and thus bumping the lease important thing off the list?  I don’t know!!

This morning for example, while attempting to apply/ should I say pretending to apply make-up, I thought of a clever little post.  While looking at myself in the rearview mirror (and noticing the *ghost staring back at me) I’d forgotten the post!

I am going to try to be good this month.  I am going to try to post a blog post per day!  Wish me luck!

Any ideas on how I can fit in 7 post per week?

* Yup I didn’t apply anything but a light base!


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

4 thoughts on “Seven posts a week?

  1. Pre post! I used to do this. I would think of ideas and then write them all down and just pre-post them.

    Maybe try find a theme for certain days – like Sunday could be a picture – things like that!

  2. Thanks for the ideas Laura!!

    I have thought of the theme idea. It least then on that day I won’t have to think as hard as to something to write about!

  3. I agree with Laura. Pre post is the only thing that makes it possible for me to post Monday – Friday.

  4. I also pre post – or leave some drafts for posting later. But weekends – I am often just “away” elsewhere – IRL that is.

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