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Nothing sells like Drama


So my car went in for its service in last week.  A week ago. 

My car has gone back to the service center, because I have revs upon revs and yet the car does not want to move.  It is painful, it tests my patience and all that I can still deal with – what I cannot cope with is the fear of getting stuck with a car that does not want to move in the middle of a busy intersection. 

The service center has just contacted me asking whether I am sitting.  Naturally I was beyond furious, because frankly this is not my problem.  This wasn’t an issue pre-service.  This has never been a problem.  So naturally the fact that I have this problem POST-service, is their problem and I want it fixed.

Their solution is to take my whole gearbox out. 

Their solution is also going to cost me R 1800.00 before they have started anything.  Gearbox out R 900.00.  Gearbox in R 900.00.  Fix the problem is still to be placed in the equation. 

My solution includes, sitting, feeling sorry for myself and moping for the rest of the day.  Or until the problem is fixed.  Magically! 

Kobus solution, possibly the most realistic of all:  Find an alternative option. 

He has a work colleague who knows about cars.  Who will give us a realistic picture.  He does not have an ulterior motive, like monthly targets or any form of personal gain.  Like I said very realistic.  Unfortunately this will include me driving* the car as is for the next day and a half until the weekend.  Which brings us to the full circle of:

Nothing sells like drama!

* The service center advised Kobus that we won’t do any damage to the car by driving it as is.  It will just rev up.  But I cannot break anything.  Which is a relief to know.  Should I say, would be a relief to know if I didn’t have to drive it.  Maybe I should follow Twisty Girl’s example of Public Transport?

I needed to add what Logan’s solution is:  Kovice will sort it out.  And just wait until Kovice gets home!


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

2 thoughts on “Nothing sells like Drama

  1. You’re right nothing sells like drama.

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