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Language Complications


Ever since I decided to communicate with Logan in English, I have found it very easy to have a conversation in Afrikaans and with the flick of a mental switch speak English to Logan. 

Things have become slightly more complicated since then.  First and foremost, I have an Afrikaans boyfriend with whom I speak English.  Then there is his son, to whom we speak Afrikaans.  Yes it makes for interesting moments, speaking to “the boys” and translating as we go! 

We also have three dogs!  Two Afrikaans dogs and One English dog.  Apart from the fact that Dixie, originally my dog doesn’t listen, she is more inclined to hear when spoken to in English.  The same goes for (originally) his two dogs! 

 At least I know that one day when Kobus and I have another little one, he will prefer raising *her* in English.  For the moment however, I want another girl-puppy, a brown Dachshund for me to call Chutney!  

And hopefully we will communicate with her in English too!

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Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

2 thoughts on “Language Complications

  1. Sounds a little complicated but it least seems to work for you guys ;-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog … always exciting to have “new” visitors.

    Happy blogging

  2. We made it simple for ourselves – English only at school and Afrikaans only at home unless visitors are English and can then be addressed in English at home too.

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