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Show your best side


Laura Tagged me in a post in last week.

The challenge is to post 5 photos along with 5 things you like of yourself!

Photo 1:  Pre-Logan and taken in the UK.  This photo marks the start of me becoming who I am today.  This photo was taken by my friend Darren L. Fletcher

Photo 2:  Logan and I round about the time, I started accepting that I am a mother.  (I took the photo)


Photo 3:  Logan took this photo of me in last year, it was a bit of a blur and yet after a bit of editing I find that I quite like it.  It marks a couple of things, but mainly the coming together and coming to terms with who I am, what I have done in the past and what I aspire to do in the future.  

 Photo 4:  The best friend and I realised that we don’t have very many photos of the two of us together, so we made a plan.

Photo 5:  My darling Kobus took this photo of me, at Irene Farm on date 3.  He adore the photo and so I cannot help liking it too… I really need to take some photos of the two of us together :)


Five things I like about me:

  1. I like my eyes, I the colour of it, I like the way it is the first thing you notice when you see me (when I am not hiding behind a pair of glasses)
  2. The smile.  So it is a smile – It looks kind of good when it is in a smile
  3. Curls are fantastic once you have made your peace with them
  4. I like my neck, it has potential.  Well the body has a lot of potential – just need to lose a couple of unwanted’s
  5. My nails

I tag:  Twisty Girl, Rebecca (however she is away in China on a alone-work-trip.  Maybe when she comes back?) Louisa, Jessica and Gina


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

6 thoughts on “Show your best side

  1. Oh you are beautiful girl! I lvoe your eyes and I really love your curls. I also made peace with mine.

  2. In that second pic of you and Logan you look so young!!!!

    In the first one you look just like Logan!

    They are all so lovely :)

  3. Aaah cool! Thanks for tagging me – I’ll have to go scratch around a bit for some inspiration. :-D
    You have a lovely smile Alet, when you’re happy it just beams from your eyes!

  4. We look like dorks!

  5. Thanks for the tag! I will eventually get around to doing a post and will trackback so you can read it! Thanks again! xoxo

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