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Since we have decided to stay in the house of many colours a bit longer, we have decided that upgrading the paint might be a good idea.  I have decided on a blue-grey colour for Logan’s which he has agreed to share with WD (Kobus’ son) on weekend.  This will be a fantastic improvement from the current pink-purple that it is!    At the moment the main bedroom is a butter yellow.  In the beginning I have tried to look at yellow decor inspiration and only found mustard.  Ever since mustard has kind of grown me!

The lounge will be tackled later on and the kitchen will stay white.  For now, until I have an urge to try something else.

Moving Kobus’ furniture to my house is proving to be a challenge.  We are sorting through the things we would like to keep, giving  away (planning to give away or get rid) the things we don’t need.  Utilising our space is proving to be a bit of a challenge, thankfully I like that kind of challenges!

For the moment however I need to focus on studying and writing exams.  After next week, lets just say from June I will be able to shift my focus to other exciting things!

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Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

5 thoughts on “My life from a DIY perspective

  1. Great new experiences – I kind of like a yellow room too. Enjoy your time together.

  2. It was so nice catching up with you yesterday. If I had to rely on your blog for updates, I wouldn’t know anything! ;-)

  3. Holy crap…do you know that your feed burped up 35 posts into me reader today?! I was fully planning on commenting on every single one till I realised half of them were from 2007. :lol:

  4. I feel so bad, cause I’m so far behind with yours news. Are you and Kobus moving in together, if so that is wonderful, wonderful news! I am painting our gym……….wait for it ………bright orange. I am quite daring when it comes to colours:) Good luck with the paint job!!

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