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You know your child chooses your boyfriend over you … and other things:


So yesterday after work, I stop at a pharmacy close to home to pick up some tablets.  After waiting in the prescription queue for what felt like ages, I was informed to pay a R 3.27 levy.  Naturally after asking whether I wont be able to just pay them there and being informed that I needed to go and stand in another queue, I secretly decide to reward Logan  myself with a well deserved sweet. 

As we entered the car I asked Logan not to tell Uncle Kobus.  Not because I don’t want him to know, but just because Uncle Kobus does not need to know everything!   Especially when it involves eating things that are very bad for me.  In yesterday’s case fudge.

Logan and Dixie

Slightly later, as Kobus entered the door, he was informed very diplomatically that a.) Mommy said not to tell him and b.)  he had a sweety before supper. 

SOLUTION:  If and when I decide to have a sweety, I won’t be sharing it with him (him being Logan.  May in fact share it with Kobus rather!) 

In other things:  I feel the need to express my frustration regarding my now THREE DOGS!  See you get yourself a boyfriend and you end up with baggage like two extra dogs as well!!

Honestly for the most part I love all three my dogs (although I don’t have photos of the other two, just yet.)  I don’t love them in the mornings when they don’t want to stay in the backyard.  I don’t love them when after catching them once and they come out of the yard again.  And I most definitely don’t love them when all of this happens after Kobus and I invested a huge chunk of a Saturday afternoon (a couple of  weeks ago) to fix the problem! 

This happened yesterday morning.  I was kind of upset about it and couldn’t blog about it at the time.  However last night when I found everything in place.  For the most part.  Really only excluding Dixie from this as she is the biggest shit of them all, I loved them again!

Guest what I will be doing with a huge chunk of my Sunday afternoon again this weekend?

Anything exciting planned?


Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

12 thoughts on “You know your child chooses your boyfriend over you … and other things:

  1. Nothing too exciting. :) A Supernatural marathon tomorrow night with some friends, but that’s the only plan we have so far. Have a great weekend!

    PS That photo is precious.

  2. Ag the joys of combined suburban life….

  3. Exciting stuff but I will elaborate more on my blog on Wednesday

  4. ooh, catchy title :-)

  5. That’ll teach you…

  6. My kids do it too – something to do with the “DONT TELL” that has them itching TO TELL :)

    Journey2Joy has its first baby shower tomorrow and sunday D and I are at the Barnyard for his aunts 40th!

  7. HAHA, Philip saw you in the pharmacybut because he was buying Josh antibiotics for Josh as his Birthday present he couldn’t saw hi. He says the give away was when you had to pull Logan down the one isle because he wouldn’t come, and all he heard, was LOGAN, I AM NOT SPEAKING AGAIN! Come LOGAN OR YOU WONT GET A SWEET< BYE LOGAN. LOGAN: NOOOO MOMMY

  8. AAAANNNNDDD….my spelling sux!

  9. Ratted out by your kid?! That’s not cool.

  10. aaaw, that pic is so cute!

  11. such an adorable photo.

    and yeah. you were so TOTALLY busted.

    at least you know he’s crap at keeping secrets – that will hopefully last while he’s a teenager, too!

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