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According to Logan…


According to Logan, Mr Muscle is stronger than Spiderman! 

Then again Mr Muscle, Spiderman and Mr Incredible all form apart of the Incredibles!

Oh and I can be the girl in Ben10!

I think this afternoon I should ask who is stronger, Ben10 or Bakugan?  What do you think?

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Author: Alet Swart

Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

6 thoughts on “According to Logan…

  1. If I watch Ben10 and Bakugan with my son, I get the impression that the things in Bakugan is stronger than Ben10. But that is just my opinion.

  2. Nothing and no one is stronger than Humongousaur! And Big Chill has her positive attributes too! (Yeah, Big Chill is a girl – she gave birth to Little Chills in one episode!) And Swampfire is so cool, he even fixed the Highbreed.
    Although, Bakugan has the cool cards you throw on the floor that becomes the battle area…
    I also get to be Gwen a lot of the time, and The Dad is Kevin, but mostly TD is Vilgax. But Spiderman is cool too. So much so, that Boobah named his bum after the characters. His one bum is Peter Parker and the other one Mary-Jane.

    (Boobah will be 3 in May :D)

  3. @Boobahsmom……Vilgax defeated Humongousaur in one episode but according to Josh BEN10 Alien Force is stronger than BEN10 protector of the universe ( Season 1) IT’S HERO TIME!

  4. Definitely Bakugan!
    They’re the green half turtle dudes in masks right…?


    • @Blackhuff – Good on you for watching it with him!

      @Boobahmom I love the bum characters, sounds just about right to me :))

      @Boobahmom And @Tracey – I have no idea who Vilgax/ Humongousaur/ Big Chilli or Little Chilli is!!! Damn it! :)

      @Angel No idea, apart from the fact that they are the ones that throw balls. We bought Logan a soccer ball yoyo and Logan pretended it was a Bakugan ball! Interesting!!!

  5. I really think most of these shows are way too violent, but I guess I have this coming too. But according to my princess, girl super heroes are stronger than boy super heroes.

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