Sparrow at Heart

Logan turns 3

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Routine in the morning when he wakes up:
Come to mommy’s bedroom, cuddle next to me or switch on his favourite dvd and makes a fuss when he doesn’t manage. Asks for coffee (mother of the year, I know) and yogurt/ toast/ pap (cereal/ porridge).
Favourite TV Characters:
Barney, Nils Holgersson, Superman/ Spiderman (sees spiderman and calls it superman) – pronounced spider-MANN, Noddy (pronounced Nonny) and we still love Winnie the Pooh.
Best Friend:
Friends at school:
Kikka (Sietske), JP, Stefan, Ollie… the list does go on.
School Teacher:
Teacher Michelle.
In the Car:
Telling me I need to go back to the previous song we have listened to. Then throwing a tantrum when I sing along. Silently singing along to the song himself.
Taking care of:
– His “baba” at the moment this is a soft singing pig (sings “My Girl” although batteries have been removed for my sanity) wrapped in a blue baby blanket.
– Anyone that has any kind of bruise/ scratch by blowing at it or applying some salfie (lotion) to it.
Favourite things to do at home:
Carry all his toys to my bedroom. Playing outside on his “jump” translating it in adult language to trampoline. Falling off Joshua’s big boy bicycle and playing with either Cody or Thorra.
Favourite sounds to make:
Puking sound if something isn’t nice. Or just going abnormally high pitch when he gets all excited.
Songs Logan Likes:
Shake your Bum-Bum. I like to move it, move it. I have soul but I’m not a Soldier.

Kiddie Songs Logan Likes:
Willie-Willie-Walie. Tinkle. Ring-a-Rosie. Eendtjies.

Duimpie (Thumb), Insy Winsy Spider, Humpty Dumpty (whom he calls a baby)

Words I love when he says them:
Broken, Nappy (natty), how he ends his sentences with the term “hoor” to make sure I am listening, everything he says is beautiful!

Loves shoes! What a mission to get him from changing from Winter – jumpers and trousers to summer. He will not wear a vest!

Routine in the evening:
Watches the soap “7de Laan” with me in the afternoon, has his bath afterward. When we go to bed he reads a book – depending on my mood, a quick rhyme book, or his Disney Film books. (this is when I need to fight with him to turn the pages nicely, so he starts saying it himself with every page he turns) When we put the books away, he asks for some water. Normally he stays awake for the next half an hour, in which time I need to tell him to du-du a lot!

Sometimes he pushes his luck by saying he needs to poo-poo. This is when we read a book, sing some songs, and make the puke sound most often!


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Gauteng based boy-mama and blogger. Passionate about self-development & learning. A21 Volunteer. Empowered by Grace.

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